dimanche 9 octobre 2011

[RPG] Shadow Books of the Ashen Library (II)

This is a sequel to the 10 books from the Limen Ghost-Library we saw last time. I've just read the fascinating "Book" entry in the Dungeon Alphabet and I wanted to add new volumes to the collection.

  • 1-10 See the Decimal List

  • 11 Hypermnemata: das Nichtsein und die Unzeit: this book comes from another universe where Hypertime flows backward. It gives random informations about the future. Each time you probe the future, there is 50% you forget something about your past. If you prevent what was foretold, the paradox might erase the whole book (or even the whole timeline in some theories).

  • 12 Microcyclopedia: A tiny tome which can extend to become a 35 volume set. It can sometimes unfold without notice and is highly flammeable.

  • 13 The Gaol of the Grylles: tiny demons from the marginalia of other codices were trapped within the pages of this vellum. The word-gremlins have a chaotic power to create mishaps, bad puns, typos and lapsus in spells. A Wizard can be surprised when he casts Magic Missels or Firebell.

  • 14 The Bladeless Hilt: this hollow haft contains the famous Vorpaline Vilanelle. This cryptic mantra is the best fencing manual. It is the most coveted book of sentient swords. There is also a fake version which can make a magical sword insane. (Stolen from the Chinese Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre)

  • 15 The Avenging Album : A book haunted by the ghost of an angry librarian. It comes to seize the library dues and punish book-thieves (like the Grimoire of Ultimate Wisdom). But it can also detect bookworms (monster from MM2 and 7th lvl spell).

  • 16 The Abyssal Anthology: collection of books made of bioluminescent seaweed which can be read underwater under any pression. Slightly hallucinogenic if it is held without a glove.

  • 17 The Apophatic Pages: an apparently empty book which is worshipped by a mysterious sect of mute and blind mystics. Some people say it is written with invisible (pink) ink but contains a secret text that has to be "read" by touch with sensitive fingers.

  • 18 The Map from Above: a view of the surrounding landscape which changes when the bearer of the book moves. (Inspired by the diapyrame.)

  • 19 The Most Excellent Prismatic Technicolor Kaleidoscopic Animated Comic-Book Limited Series (roll a d12 for the issue #): Any reader has 25% of being hypnotised and to become addicted (he will need to find other issues as soon as possible or will become depressed and insomniac). The book can also cast Color Spray, Chromatic Orb and Dancing Lights. It also glows in the dark.

  • 20 Kwahyn's Gavagai Lagomorphic Charitable Interpreter: This magical manual can translate any language. 5% (15% for extra-planar idioms) of the translations will be inverted because "meaning is under-determined" and "ontology is relative to the conceptual scheme of the translation manual".

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