jeudi 28 avril 2011

[RPG] Cyclops for Superworld

There are a few write-ups of Cyclops for Champions (low-powered, high-powered) and many "official" stats in the Marvel RPGs.

But in Different Worlds #23 (August 1982), Steve Perrin did a Superworld adaptation:

CYCLOPS (Scott Summers) was the leader of the X-Men for their 1st incarnation, and through most of the career of the current X-Men until the death of Jean Grey (Phoenix). As of this writing, he has rejoined his teammates, but the current leadership is still officially in the hands of Storm. Since Cyclops can not help to give orders, he was given the psychological disadvantage of "Must be leader."

The trickiest power in Cyclops' repertoire was his oft-used ability to parry attacks with his eye-beam. We ended up buying armor usable with a parry and also costing Energy. He has also
been known to use the eye-beam as a flying device, but this was so far-fetched that we left it out. Note that the lesser power eye-beams use very little energy, but a full blast bolt will suck out his energy and leave him helpless in very little time.

STR 15
CON 20
SIZ 15
INT 18
POW 18
DEX 15
CHA 18

Original Hero Points - 113
Total Hero points - 145
MOVE - 24
ARMOR - Kinetic 3 (21); Electromagnetic 3 (21); Radiation 3 (21)
ENERGY POINTS - Personal 180

-* Eye Beam (kinetic energy)
Range 15m Attack 8O% Damage 9D6 Parry 80%

-* Fist
Attack 75% 1D3+1D6 Parry 75%

POWERS (cost in Hero Points) - Characteristics (6); Armor (9); Parry Armor - Eye Beam (21); Energy (18); Recharge (10); Martial Arts (20); Kinetic projection - Eye Beam (42); Assorted Skills (19)

SKILLS - Acrobatics 60%; Climb 55%; First Aid, 50%; Grapple 50%, Hide 55%; Jump 60%; Listen 50%; Throw 80%; Spot Hidden 40%; Speak & Write Russian 60%; Speak & Write German 40%

DISABILITIES - Mutant (5); Must be Leader (5); Code vs Killing (5); Power always ON, can be destructive (10); Parry Armor uses 7 points of Energy for a 2l-pt armor (7)

SPECIAL .- * First 5D6 of eye-beams are bought at twice the price for Energy expenditure of 1 per D6. Other 4D6 cost 3 per D6 as usual.

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