vendredi 30 novembre 2007

Don't Annoy Durga

Durga the Invincible is a martial Aspect of the Great Goddess who can also be Pārvatī of the Mountains, wife of Shiva and mother of Ganesh. She was created to kill Mahish Asura (the Buffalo-Demon), who could not be felled by a Man (yes, like Éowyn and the Witch-King).

Her ten arms bear more magical weapons than a D&D powergamer: Shiva's Trishula (Trident), Vishnu's Chakram (discus), Indra's Vajra (thunderbolt), Brahma's Kamandal (conch shell), Kubera's Gadā (Mace), a scimitar, a snake, a talwar (longsword), a bow and a Lotus flower. Her vehicle is Manashthâla the Lion.

But when Durga is really pissed off, she becomes Kālī (the Black Destroyer).

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