dimanche 1 mars 2009

Livre non-adaptable en réalité non adaptable !

Premières critiques du pre-screening de Watchmen (SPOILER).

Le problème de l'adaptation est qu'on lui fait deux reproches complètement opposés : d'une part, elle serait trop maniaquement fidèle en reprenant parfois servilement des cases, et d'autre part, le changement de la fin (qui me paraissait nécessaire) est tellement raté qu'il ruine tout le dessein du livre.

Add. Alan Moore explique bien dans cette interview à quel point Watchmen est une source de mésinterprétation de ses intentions où on prend ce qui est ironique comme un modèle (et au contraire ce qui était plein d'affection pour du sarcasme) :

Looking at the superhero today, it seems to me an awful lot like Watchmen without the irony, that with Watchmen we were talking very much about the potential abuses of this kind of masked vigilante justice and the kind of people that it would in all likelihood attract if these things were taking place in a more realistic world. But that was not meant approvingly.

It seems to be that things that were meant satirically or critically in Watchmen now seem to be simply accepted as kind of what they appear to be on the surface. So yeah, I'm pretty jaundiced about the entire "caped crusader" concept at the moment.


They're being bought in many cases by hopeless nostalgics or, putting the worst construction on it, perhaps cases of arrested development who are not prepared to let their childhoods go, no matter how trite the adventures of their various heroes and idols.


I was hoping naively for a great rash of individual comic books that were exploring different storytelling ideas and trying to break new ground.

That isn't really what happened. Instead it seemed that the existence of Watchmen had pretty much doomed the mainstream comic industry to about 20 years of very grim and often pretentious stories that seemed to be unable to get around the massive psychological stumbling block that Watchmen had turned out to be, although that had never been my intention with the work.

Il annonce aussi deux projets, un nouveau League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fondé sur L'Opéra de Quatre Sous de Brecht et un manuel de sorcellerie illustré avec une histoire de la Kabbale de Pythagore à John Dee.

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