mardi 23 octobre 2007

Bad Laws and bad policies

Czarkozy est encensé par certaines andouilles conservatrices aux USA, mais même là-bas, son image a été atteinte : il fait l'objet d'un éditorial très critique du New York Times :

Pseudoscientific Bigotry in France

Immigration issues bring out the worst instincts in politicians who should know better.


They should also be aware of the cautionary lessons of modern French history. Under the Nazi occupiers and their Vichy collaborators, pseudoscientific notions of pure descent were introduced into French law with tragic consequences.

The DNA provision, proposed by a member of Parliament close to President Nicolas Sarkozy, has been angrily denounced by the center-left opposition, principled members of the center-right majority and a member of Mr. Sarkozy’s cabinet. As a result, the legislation has been hedged with some cautionary language, but not enough. Meanwhile, Mr. Sarkozy, who could have intervened to stop this bill at any point, and still can, has not, and is not very likely to.

Though himself the son of a Hungarian immigrant, Mr. Sarkozy has made his political name with harsh criticism of more recent immigrants, especially North African Arabs. His pandering on this issue helped win him votes that used to go to far-right extremists like the perennial presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Immigrant bashing is an effective vote-getter. Unfortunately, it leads to bad laws, bad policies and needless human suffering for the individuals and families it targets and exploits. Mr. Sarkozy wants to be seen as a statesman. He should act like one.

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