mardi 16 octobre 2007


Thank your for the Net.

DailyScans has the complete story from World's Finest Comics #236 (1976), with Atom fighting against microscopic (or even nanoscopic) Anti-Bodies, in a remake of the Fantastic Voyage.

It happens to be the first DC comic book I remember from my childhood.

Now I know. That's why I read The Atom! Oh, I loved Raquel Welch in the Fantastic Voyage too.

Even 30 years later, I'm still scared by the little Gremlins in the bloodstream ("They are... like people! Tiny Beings!"). They look so happy when they rip the cells.

The script was by Bob Haney, the art by Dick Dillin (1929-1980) & John Calman (I would have thought it was by Neal Adams).

2 commentaires:

Rappar a dit…

- "puisque je vous dis qu'il y a un gremlin sur l'aile!"
- "calmez-vous Monsieur. Ils ne peuvent être que dans le sang" ;)

Phersv a dit…

Le twist de l'histoire était que les Gremlins étaient en réalité des anti-corps et non des germes pathogènes.